The history of Perdido Bay, the "Lost Bay"


Thou canst not see, because it is not yet in sight...

 From the beginning of the 17th century, Spanish and French explorers in the vast New World began colonising the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The unsettled relationship between the two led for the search for a seaport in which they could thrive in peace and harmony. 

Explorers from both countries heard of a mysterious body of water that might serve that purpose. A Spanish ship blown off course happened upon the channel by pure chance and navigated the deep channel from the Gulf of Mexico into the tranquil and calm waters   of the bay. 

Early Spanish settlers dubbed the bay "Perdido," the Spanish word for "lost" or "hidden," giving rise to the legendary "Lost Bay."

And so we came into Perdido
The bay that was lost and found,
Where human troubles grow dim and fade
And nerves forget to pound.

High bluffs breaking the sky-line,
Pine flats and cedar and oak
And we knew we had found our stopping place
Tho’ not a man of us spoke.

Thus was Perdido settled
On it’s shores each built his shed,
And the Bay gave us our bread.